Refund Policy

Managing refunds

Everything you need to know about refunds and how to manage them,

Customers can claim a refund if their order wasn’t right – if it had missing items, extremely late, wrong items, spilled or damaged items. 

When a refund is given, RP FoodBots or the Restaurant or Partner Rider will cover it (or we’ll share the cost), depending on what went wrong.

How do I see the refunds I’ve given?

We will refund any remaining account credit you have validly obtained from our customer service team or Application following any issue with an order, by applying a credit to your registered credit card, or if that is not possible for any reason, by way of a bank transfer using bank details (provided you have supplied them to us).

We’ll also send you a daily email (it’ll arrive at midnight), with the orders that have been refunded that day and the reason why. 
What do customers get refunds for?

  • Late orders
  • The wrong items 
  • Missing Items 
  • Spilled or damaged items
Why have I been charged for this refund?

To make refunds as fair as possible, we only charge you for a refund when we believe you’re responsible for what went wrong. If we’re responsible, we’ll pay the refund and you’ll receive the full amount for the order. (Full amount minus 5% bank charges). 

*Please note that Refund Policy is subject to change without notice and please be informed that the process can take up to 30 days. 

Your Rights If Something is Wrong With Your Items

You have a legal right to receive goods which comply with their description, which are of satisfactory quality and which comply with any specific requirements you tell us about (and we agree to) before you place your order. If you believe that the Items you have been delivered do not comply with these legal rights, please let us know. We may request a photograph showing the problem if it is something that can be seen by inspecting the Items. We will provide a refund in respect of the affected part of the Item, and also in respect of delivery if the whole order was affected, unless we have reasonable cause to believe that the problem was caused after delivery. 

Prior to processing your refund or account credit, we may take into account relevant factors including the details of the order, including your account history, what happened on delivery and information from the Partner Restaurant.

How is RP FoodBots safeguarding restaurants?

At RP FoodBots, we work hard to ensure our partners feel happy and safe using our platform. On occasion, like many other businesses, we experience ‘bad actors’ that use our platform for fraud and abuse. We’re continually evolving our systems to detect this activity to benefit our partners. 

We have a dedicated team of agents assigned to resolving refund claims and a decision-making tool to detect harmful activity. We aim to block re-offenders and have introduced SMS verification to aid this. 

If you feel like you’ve noticed some refunds that don’t look right, please reach out to our support team at .

How do I do a refund?

Contact our support team at and make sure you have the order ID ready when you get in touch.