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Online Food

Online food ordering solutions are essential for any F&B business in Singapore. It simplifies online and in-store food ordering processes with digital menus that can be easily edited to suit different promotions and events.


  • Improves efficiency and flexibility in food ordering processes
  • Improves brand image with high-definition graphics
  • Customises menu with ease
  • Features promotions and discounted items to maximise stock turnover
  • Preschedules menus for automated change to suit breakfast, lunch, and dinner time
  • Improves operations with enhanced communication functions
  • Builds a customer database with diners’ details
  • Simplifies the order-taking process
  • Eliminates menu printing cost
  • Reduces customer wait time
  • Allocates manpower and budget to more important tasks
  • Improves self-service order process with QR code scanning

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display System (KDS) replaces paper orders with digital order viewing screens to streamline kitchen communications. By integrating KDS with the POS system, kitchen staff can access real-time orders and delivery requests to manage their productions.


  • Improves kitchen workflows for timely service and delivery
  • Receives real-time updates from POS system, website, and mobile apps
  • Replaces paper orders with informative digital viewing screens
  • Improves operations with enhanced communication functions
  • Generates reports related to kitchen production, sales, deliveries, and billings
  • Simplifies restaurant management with an automated solution
  • Tracks orders and inventories to ensure timely re-order of ingredients
  • Increases customer satisfaction with enhanced experience


Payment feature manages in-store and online transactions with multi-payment methods and multi-price list. It is designed to provide smoother and more secure payment experience so that customers can complete every transaction with satisfaction.


  • Facilitates many payment methods with one terminal
  • Integrates multiple payment modes – credit card, debit card, mobile app, eWallet and PayNow
  • Simplifies online and in-store payment experience with secured payment gateways
  • Processes payment quickly and accurately for better customer service
  • Generates daily payouts to the restaurant’s bank account
  • Reduces the risk of theft and robberies with cashless payment
  • No additional equipment, setup, or integration


Delivery feature is designed to consolidate delivery channels into one single platform so that orders can be centralised for effective order processing and request management. Businesses can now track their deliveries as they happen!


  • Integrates different delivery channels to one platform
  • Centralises delivery and in-house revenue data for effective management
  • Tracks real-time order delivery
  • Improves communication with delivery staff with enhanced contact functions
  • Sends third-party delivery orders to POS system and kitchen


Inventory Management software facilitates accurate tracking of stock transfers, management of forecasts and prevents low stock situations across multiple outlets.


  • Fulfils demands with optimal inventory levels
  • Monitors stock transfers, forecast inventory requirements, and optimise stock management
  • Tracks stock-in and stock-out with accuracy
  • Enables easy inventory adjustment and replenishment
  • Avoids out-of-stock situation due to overselling
  • Avoids overstocking of slow-moving items
  • Implements more profitable business strategies and tactics


Reporting feature provides businesses with timely and accurate income statements and management reports without the need for manual analysis or tabulation. It is suitable for tracking revenue, sales, and employee performance.


  • Identifies trends or problem areas that require attention
  • Evaluates customer behaviour and buying pattern
  • Aids financial forecasting with factual data from past and current reports
  • Assesses employee performance
  • Maximises inventory management
  • Accesses reports and statements anytime, anywhere

Queue Management System

Queue Management System is designed to handle restaurant queue requests for delivery, order pickup and in-store traffic. Restaurants can render a higher level of customer service, avoid overcrowding within the restaurant and improve the productivity of the operations team.


  • Enhances customer experience and provide more timely service
  • Frees up customers’ time needed for queuing since they will be notified when their order is ready
  • Reduces manpower and cost required for managing queues
  • Allows employees to focus on building customer relationships and improving sales
  • Avoids overcrowding within the restaurant
  • Improves the productivity of the operation team.

AI Procurement

RP FoodBots AI Procurement is a smart feature that resolves complex procurement issues with intelligent algorithms and software applications. It places orders with multiple suppliers at the best deals and drastically improves forecast accuracy of customer demands.


  • Combines spend analysis, contract management and strategic sourcing in one solution
  • Completes time-consuming procurement tasks in a shorter period
  • Frees up the time of procurement staff so that they can focus on higher-value work
  • Manages purchase requests across multiple branches