Get More Out of Your Online and In-store
F&B Business


We help to optimise F&B businesses with smart digital solutions that integrate front-end customer engagement with back-end operations. From fully automated point of sale systems to self service kiosks for placing orders, our customisable solutions are designed to revolutionise F&B businesses with advanced technologies.

It does not matter if you are running a small restaurant or a large chain, we have the perfect solution to automate your in-store and online businesses for higher productivity but at a much lower cost.

Limitless Benefits
to F&B Businesses


Improves customer satisfaction with faster and more dedicated services


Increases profitability with faster turnaround


Increases the ability to handle a higher volume of orders


Allows management to focus on building the business rather than tackling daily operations


Saves labour and operation costs so that management can redirect resources to profit-generating activities


Builds business recognition and customer loyalty with brand awareness 


Improves employee satisfaction and productivity with integrated solutions


Improves business efficiency by cutting down human e‌rrors in the communications

All-in-One Features

Online Food Ordering

Simplifies food ordering process with online digital menus that can be digitally edited to suit different promotions and events

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Optimises stock management to accurately track and control inventory to keep them at an optimum level at all times

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Kitchen Display System

Replaces paper orders with digital order viewing screens and systems that streamline kitchen communications

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Generates income statements and management reports without the need for manual analysis or tabulation

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Manages in-store and online transactions with multiple payment methods and gateways

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Queue Management System

Handles queue demands to ensure customers are served at the shortest wait time

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Integrates delivery channels into one single system to centralise order management and manage in-house revenue data

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AI Procurement

Manages purchase requests across multiple branches and initiate order placement with suppliers through one platform

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